Integrate - Connectors

Report and retain with FULLRECON - Integrate with Connectors

Connector Basics

We understand there may be configurations required where you need data sent to multiple systems in parallel and we fully support this. The data flow diagram depicted here gives you a sample of the capabilities we have.

Using the FULLRECON Mobile Client you are able to simultaneously, in parallel, submit your data to a variety of external systems.

FULLRECON can act as your fully integrated system for data search, retention, linked audio/video, photos, and reporting.

Due to the popularity of SharePoint we allow parallel data submissions.

You have a variety of data sets you can send to SharePoint
  • Word, Excel, and PDF outputs to document libraries
  • Add data to Sharepoint lists based on submitted form data
Our REST connector opens up the ability to plug into almost any external service that exposes a REST API.

Google Sheets, Box, and FTP Server are also supported

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