Reduce Costs

FULLRECON™ - ROI on Productivity


Drive Profitability & Increase Productivity

Top three business benefits: 
  1. Faster and better decisions
  2. Real-time decision making
  3. Better asset management across your enterprise
FULLRECON provides your workforce with:
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased engagement
  • Real-time analytics
Do you see more with one eye shut or both eyes open?
  • How mature are your homegrown digital initiatives today? 
  • How much money has been spent but you can't capture historical project data? 
  • How much legacy, analog, and paper data will remain boxed up never to be analyzed or searched? 

Adding value by reducing costs, making quicker decisions while increasing workforce productivity

The majority of companies in the energy sector are hyper-focused on cost reduction and it is typically seen as the most important challenge FULLRECON can help address. The ability to provide analytics on varied project data is critical to this success.  The problem comes in where companies have a multitude of historical data, current projects data, and the inability to cope with both. 

Going forward and meeting the challenge of the upcoming PHMSA, FERC, DOT, OSHA regulations along with every other governing agency out there, is critical. The requirements of reliable, traceable, verifiable, and complete data with the ability to provide analytics against both legacy, analog, and digital data is now a requirement.

Many companies are still under the false assumption that their internal IT teams can create an all inclusive solution to meet these requirements however the reality is they are focusing on future project data versus the requirement to analyze and data mine pipelines already in place as part of the full data set. This myopic view is making these internal teams now silo digital data. 

This isn't to say that you aren't making progress towards becoming more transparent with your digital silos but you have to have the complete picture across all work disciplines, across all projects both historical, in-progress, and future. You have to be able to analyze all your data.

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