O&M Safety
Safety is the top priority for your internal teams as well as customers
FULLRECON proactively monitors and reports on all safety compliance key performance indicators
Your site safety operations are at the core of your business. FULLRECON provides you real‐time operations safety visibility for your OSS reports and observations, and a documented, closed‐loop accountability system for follow‐up and validation for reported incidents.

Let FULLRECON proactively help you monitor and report on all safety compliance items. 

FULLLRECON analyzes the collected regulatory compliance data and is able to provide key metrics by way of dashboards and reporting relative to the routine day‐to‐day operations around safety as it relates to construction, operations, and maintenance. The ability to monitor compliance activities and report in real‐time is key to your ability to maintain and ensure a safe working environment.

Expediting the collection of project and plans data minimizes your exposure to regulatory findings of non‐compliance instances. Being able to provide regulatory data requests, audits requests and safety assessment records allows for agency transparency and clear internal communications as required.

FULLRECON enables your team to perform compliance data & field assessments to ensure all code requirements, work methods, and procedures are followed while managing the large volume of safety related data with integrated notifications and alerts to your key stakeholders.
FULLRECON enables your team to perform mobile compliance data reporting and field assessments
FULLRECON allows you to demonstrate compliance to regulatory agencies instantly by maintaining a complete historical reference to satisfy safety audit findings, with integrated reports to help you analyze and track compliance metrics.
  • Valve Inspections 
  • Service Abandonments 
  • Leak Classification and Management
  • Meter Protection
  • Operator Qualification 
  • Real‐Time Site‐Safety Observations
  • Automated Weekly Reporting and Dashboards
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